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Available on the iTunes Appiphone icon Store for $1.99

Album art is making a comeback from the days when buying an album was about more than just the music inside. Cover Match pays tribute to the artwork of musicians and the fans who love it with an exciting new game that will test your skills and keep you coming back for more.

Graphically mastered and engineered, this is no ordinary match game. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the crisp OpenGL graphics and special effects that accompany each level, and intrigued by the beauty and rich detail of your album art (on iPad, a custom fullscreen layout shows album art in even more fidelity). Using a classic arcade format, Cover Match starts off slow with just a few album covers to match, then heats up with unlimited levels of randomly sorted cover art. Cover Match literally offers “zillions” of game possibilities. No two games will ever be alike.

Hunter Research and Technology is proud to present this great game. If you are a music fan that appreciates album art or a gamer looking to discover a whole new side of your music, give Cover Match a try.

Cover Match is a Universal App. It runs on iPhones and
iPods with OS 3.1.3 or later, and iPads with OS 3.2 or later